Monday, November 12, 2012

Create Art Everyday

I have heard it said that if you create art everyday, it will change your life. I have been testing this theory over the last five months. I have to say, if it is not life-changing, it definitely changes the way you think. I have always had an affinity for crafting. My maternal grandmother taught me how to do a variety of crafts. The one thing I wanted was the one I could not master -- drawing. It wasn't until a local artist brought ZentanglingTM to my attention that my creative journey began in earnest. After five months, I have to say - yes. It is true. If you create art everyday it will change the way you think. You begin to see patterns and angles in ordinary items like cans of soup and wrought iron gates. After five months, I am going to use my creativity on a 365 day art project. One day at a time. This blog is my attempt to chronicle my artistic journey.

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